What is funerallink.com.ph?

We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to selecting a reputable funeral home to take care of those dearest to us. Yes we want the best for them but how can we be so sure that all of our expectations are met? Funeral links is designed to be effective, convenient and provide you with greater options when it comes to your loved ones funeral service provider. Our service providers are all well known in their local communities and through the years have built a solid reputation of being reliable and trust worthy.

Why is this needed?

Planning a funeral is something you will do once or maybe twice in your lifetime. It’s not a common event. And so, people are naturally inexperienced in this regard, funerallink.com.ph is a website that makes this process easier. You can search funeral homes in your area, compare prices and find a suitable funeral home based on your requirement.

What do you do different than anyone else?

funerallink.com.ph is a free comparison website to offer up-to-date listings of funeral homes and prices. Ninety percent of homes do not list their prices. So, we do it instead.

What standards will you apply to funeral homes being listed on funerallink.com.ph?

Our aim is to list every funeral home in the Philippines, but we are putting an emphasis on those that meet our criteria to be “Reliable Providers.” This is a distinction they earn after applying, undergoing a quality-control review. Being a Reliable Provider enables funerals to add photos, videos and testimonials to their profiles, as well as attributes that set them apart from their competitors.

What services are you offering?

Funeral Link will provide an accessible way in planning a funeral based on your preferred funeral home with your specific requirement. We have partnered with various funeral homes that can cater the service you need, from memorial services to cremation packages. We also have a pre-need plan that can help you prepare and plan.

How does the payment works for the Funeral services?

Funeral Link will only be used as a tool to search and choose your preferred funeral home and all settlement and other transaction will be directly to your chosen funeral parlor.

Who Can use funeral Links - for pre planning funerals and at Need funerals?

Anyone that requires the need for funeral services and to those who want to plan ahead of the inevitable.

Who benefits from Funeral Links?

Client, families and Funeral Home owners benefit from a portal like funeral link as this will provide convenience and ease to its users.

Where is Funeral Links office?

Our office is address is 74 Katipunan St Brgy. Calamba Labangon Cebu City

How is this helpful for grieving families?

Funeral link really helps the families when a death of a family member has occurred. It provides an accessible and easy to use way to choose their preferred funeral homes based on their requirements without the need to physically visit the funeral home.